All Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant For Men

It is finally here! Just released at Expo East in Baltimore, MD last week our all natural aluminum free deodorant is here. 100% all natural product, no parabens, no sulfates, no artificial dyes, no artificial fragrance - just 100% real products for real men. Spent last night smashing down 50 beers, some wings, and a late night pizza to top it off? You need to sweat out those toxins - stop letting aluminum and other harsh chemicals clog your pores and prevent you from disposing of those unwanted toxins. Our all natural deodorant - won't stop you from sweating - because you shouldn't. Sweating is 100% natural and is necessary for your body to release toxins and cool off properly. That doesn't mean we can't stop body odors and that is exactly what our all natural aluminum free deodorant is going to do. Available in three scents: cedar, citrus, and all natural - it's time to change our gears and thoughts on skincare products - real men need real natural products.

Available for purchase in 2 weeks just before the holidays.