Founded in 2012, Niche For Men started out as a dream and a vision to provide high quality, cool and adventurous products for the man seeking to make a difference, to live life to the fullest. We live life by one simple model: No Limits | No Boundaries.

No man wants to live a boring life or use boring products; so we stepped outside the boundaries of male grooming products. A new adventurous, different product built for men who always want to deliver their best. Commuters, extreme sport enthusiasts, athletes, gym rats, night life entertainers, anyone looking for a quick and convenient freshen-up no matter the situation can utilize Niche For Men wipes.

Research and development began with an idea to be unique and fill the gaps in male grooming needs. We understand that most men live life in the fast lane and are often shortened for time. Why male face and body deodorizing wipes? It's simple, because every guy sweats. No matter the situation, Niche For Men male deodorizing wipes were created and tested to leave you feeling shower fresh no matter the occasion.

Long days, long hours, little sleep, new adventures and a desire to do something different lies the foundations of Niche For Men.  We don't take vacations, we don't take breaks, because life never stops.  We're not hear to impress, we're here to share the passion of those that believe in our company and the idea to do something different, to make a difference.

We look to the creativity of our fans and the dare to be different attitude of the world, to set new limits and reach new boundaries. If you seek to try something new, live limitless, and deliver your best then Niche For Men is the company for you and we want to share your thrills.

Life begins when you step outside your boundaries - No limits | No Boundaries | Niche For Men